Tuesday, August 01, 2006

You did WHAT?!?!

"Mom, I pooped on the baby."

Yeah, that's right, boys and girls.... Toddlerette POOPED on the baby. She was leaning on the piano bench, he was crawling under it, and well..... poop happens.

Not even good hard poop. She's been sick, so that means lots of juice and pedialyte, and...well.... you get the picture. I even had to get out the carpet shampooer for this memorable event.

He had it all over his onesie and a full handful in each hand. And a smear on his cheek. No, I didn't sniff his breath. Don't even SUGGEST it, or I'll just put my hands on my ears and go, "lalalalalallalalalalala."

He's clean, she's still alive, and I'm.....well..... I'm pooped.