Tuesday, October 25, 2005

My DH Tries...

So I was talking to my husband about buttons that my friends have on their respective sites. He opened his big mouth and I'm posting the results. What do you think about these?

Of course, this somewhat reflects the theme that I'm currently using on my blog:

Here's a second option:

Of course, it could be worse. Here was his first attempt:

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Yarn, Yarn, and more Yarn

This is some soysilk that I spun for Ana for NonoKitty as a test-spin. The top mini-skein is what I spun and plied on a lollipop drop spindle and it's unwashed. Very fluffy compared to the bottom skein.

The bottom skein was spun and plied on an Ashford Traveller using double drive at a 10:1 ratio. It was washed. Note the differences in the depth of the purples and greens in the samples after washing. The green washed out quite a bit and the purple seemed to get a bit deeper. Washing also added sheen, but reduced fluffiness.

This is the first pookascarf. I had some Coopworth singles that I hadn't yet set and just double-stranded them with some Target $1 fluffy eyelash yarn. (65 yds, which made a perfect toddler length scarf on sz 13 needles).

So, I decided that this stuff was so cute and soft (though unwieldy, because it hadn't been set), that I plied up 130 yds of the grey Target $1 yarn with the remainder of my Coopworth singles. It's lovely and soft and fluffy. I just hope it stays that way after washing.

It's for a friend of mine's little boy. She just learned to knit and a garter stitch scarf in yummy fluffiness should be much more pleasing than the non-project I have her practicing on right now.


So, here's a picture of the infamous pookapants, being modeled by Pooka herself. They're done in Lion Wool (Autumn Sunset) and she loves them. I regret to inform you that she is not, in fact, cleaning the porch. Rather, she is making it dirtier and dirtier every day. But I don't mind. ;)

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Humpty Dumpty

So this is the messy living room in which I fell trying to jump over the baby fence to get to DD, who was trying to operate the spinning wheel by herself. Yes, those are unfolded clean diapers on the couch. The big green recliner is my knitting chair. The blue rocker is DH's "work from home" desk.

Update on projects:

2 Christmas stockings done and felted
1 Christmas stocking almost done
2 pookapants done
1 pookapants 1/2way done
Blue-faced Leicester on the spinning wheel

1 pooka scarf 1/2way done - this is 1 strand of Target pastel fluffyball and 1 strand overspun coopworth roving. It's ubersoft and pretty, but I'll ply the 2 strands together nexttime to get rid of the worms in the coopworth.

To go:

3 Christmas stockings
1 babypants
1lb Alpaca to spin