Friday, March 30, 2007

Kid Pics

OK, Ceci. I'll raise you one sleeping husband with child, one spinning child, and one child with faux-hawk.

No funroe for us.

We're not moving, and I'm ok with that.

Sorry family, but we just couldn't do it....

..... that, and they offered us about $10K less than they TOLD us they were going to offer.

Raised expectations suck.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

What the Hell?

My newish HP camera was sitting up on the computer desk, minding its own business.
I picked it up to take a picture of my son's mohawk (Mom, don't ask) and the LCD screen is BROKEN. What the hell? So I try to use my new phone and it won't send the picture! GRRRR.

Not a happy Robin. Well, actually a happy Robin, because my bestest business bud in the world just bought me THIS.

Don't know why..... but I'm pleased as punch!!! Mom, if you like the goldfinch one, I'll get it for you for Mother's Day. I assume you're still reading the blog....

Good lord. I just looked down and my freshly-shampooed, no-longer-mohawked one-year-old son has pulled my knitting out of the bag and PEEEEEEED on it Heck, at least it's baby cotton. He's now really really really mad because apparently the peeing was extremely entertaining and he can't make it happen again at will. He's tumbling over and over and grunting REALLY LOUD trying to figure out how it works. It's enough to almost make me pee myself. But seriously.
Oh, and I plied 560 yds of yarn today. On one bobbin. It's somewhere between laceweight and fingering. Should be up on etsy tomorrow. It's currently drying. Look for "Nantahala Twilight." You know you want it.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Mr Robincat has Landed


My dear husband has returned from Ireland and is back in the Land of Robincat. He brought me goodies, too. Guinness advert pint glasses and Jameson whiskey!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

That's just gross.

We're sick. Toddlerette's been sick since Friday morning. Xmas Baby has been sick since Sunday afternoon. I feel sick now.

We've dubbed this virus, "Deleted Scenes From The Exorcist." I'm not kidding. You know about gross, right? Well, this is about 2 miles past gross on the yuck highway.

And DH has to leave for Ireland on Saturday. oh. yay.

Fortunately, Toddlerette is feeling somewhat better and Richard is feeling MUCH better.

In fact, when he was eating his goldfish crackers yesterday, I observed that he was "Happier than a goat on Goat Day." Now, I've never heard of Goat Day, and I'm not completely sure how thrilled a goat would BE on Goat Day.

The things that come out of my mouth when I'm tired.... Huh.

But right now, I'm feeling "like a flea on dip day." FYI, that's not a good feeling.

(and on a side note, I MISS MY COFFEESHOP IN THE MORNINGS!!!!)

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Llama in the Coffeeshop!!!!!

Drama Llama, that is.

I mean, really.

If you think that my TWO YEAR OLD is going to brain your five year old with a bead frame that she is trying to move from one place to another while I BLINK and take care of my one-year-old, I am not the one who deserves to get their card marked.


That would be YOU, MS DRAMA LLAMA!!!

*does the sprinkler dance*

Thank you soooooooo much, SAHB, for telling off Ms Llama while I consoled/reassured/took care of my children. (and Mr. Robincat says "Thank you for having my crazy, ill-tempered, violent wife's back in her time of trouble - cause she can be one violent b!tch when her parenting skills are called "sickening" to her face.")

As Miss Violet would say, "I'm just saying...."

And I'm going back tomorrow, cause I will NOT be chased off by a damn llama.

So, as my momma used to say, "I'm as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs."

Monday, March 05, 2007

Roving Saga

Well, I ended up not blending it because it looked better with the colors spaced out. (and my arms are just not in shape for marathon hand-carding right now)

Shop updated, though!! in case you need the link... ;)

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Just a Little Teaser....

Well, I kettle-dyed all 12 ounces of the dorset/columbia blend roving that I got.

This is the "Cliffs of Moher" colorway post-dyeing/pre-blending drying stage.

Little Richard the Lionheart is diligently guarding the drying wool.

As my momma used to say, "I'm busier than a one-armed paper-hanger at a butt-wiping contest."

Where to start.....

I guess I should start with the oldest news first...

I went to meet my knitting gals at a not so local coffee shop with toy area for the kiddos) and though they weren't there, I found out that it's a great place for the kids to hang out and learn to share on neutral territory. They're not so great at it at houses, but very good in public places. They also have great coffee. Wednesdays are not good, though... That's storytime, and even though the kids love it, that's too many people for me.

My DH got a raise and a bonus! And a job offer from his old company in Louisiana that would NOT be a step down! So, hopefully we'll be moving to Monroe in May - right before the hellish Austin summer hits.

And possibly the least impactful, but certainly the most exciting news for me this second.... I SOLD MY BOUCLE ON ETSY! Yes, I'm screaming. But you've got to understand. I absolutely adore spinning. I like dyeing, but I love spinning and I would like nothing else than to be able to sell enough to actually cover the fiber costs and this is a step in the right direction.

Oh, and last but not least, major thanks to the SAHB (stay-at-home-Brit) who gave me a serious knock in the head regarding hobby-oriented business this past Tuesday. Yes, I can do this, but I have to decide NOW whether I want a business or a self-supporting hobby.

And on that note, I've got 13 ounces of Columbia/Dorset blend that Ana and I are planning to assault with Cushing's dye and blending techniques this weekend. It's going to be in one GREAT BIG LOT on etsy, so you need to get while the getting's good if you want it. Here's a hint on the colorway... the theme is "Cliffs of Moher." Google it, baby. You know you want to.

I promise this is the last paragraph. I'm going to try to start a "as my momma used to say" quote at the end of my posts. Watch out for strange southern idioms.

As my momma used to say, "Fish or cut bait."