Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Land of the Living

I really do still exist. First there was a family-wide sinus infection. Then there was Christmas. Next, a trip to North Carolina, during which I got a lot of knitting done. Then, alas, another family-wide sinus infection, this time with ear aches. I'm back. I hope. :)

So, first up is the Moonshadow Stole that I'm still working on. I have to find my beading needle so I can string the second half of the beads onto the second ball of zephyr.

Moonshadow Stole

Next, the Lace Shawl by Deborah Newton (creative name, yes?). It's about 75% done. I'm doing this out of cashmere/merino for my friend Ana. This is a pretty wild color, even for me. A lot of fun, though, and plenty of practice for the Princess Shawl.

Lace Shawl

Oh, you haven't heard about the Princess Shawl??? My lovely buddy Ana got me both the pattern and the yarn for my thirty-first birthday. Pretty damn cool, isn't she?

And now for the Klaralund. The yarn was a present from my husband's grandmother. (She sent me the money, I knitted it, then finished it in time for her to see it at our Christmas trip.)



Mary, Mary... said...

Mittens! just in time for our allotted week of cold weather. Dang, I still love that Klaralund--and now you really get to enjoy it. Crunch, crunch, crunch--that's the sound of a vintage Mac.

Anonymous said...

Man, you are one mad, mad (in a fabulous way) knitter. Miss you like crazy.