Sunday, June 15, 2008

Look What I Bought....

Just the Spinner's Choice Award-winning fleece from the Estes Park Wool Market. And I picked it out the evening before the judging. Good eye, huh? (Also a little steering towards the back of the grower's truck from my new fleece-buying plenipotentiary.)

New Fleece

From left to right is me (the happy owner), Chendra (fleece plenipotentiary), and Robin Phillips (the prize winning wool grower).

It's not coming home with me on the plane, though. Chendra, aka The Redhead, has it in Boulder right now and is going to scour it for me in return for a percentage of the cleaned fiber.

I'll post about more of my purchases later. Just had to share this one.

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-the redhead- said...

Misses Robincat & Entrelac -

I had a wonderful time meeting & hanging out with y'all this weekend. It's lovely to meet other folks who think like I do.

I had a great time being your personal shopper & helping you all get quality fiber related items. Lessee...several prize winning fleeces, a couple of wheels, various and sundry other lovely fiber items. Not too bad ;) I'm all about helping people buy good fiber & tools.

I'm adding Plenipotentiary and Personal Shopper to my cards ;)

I still can't believe I have the Grand Champion White fleece and Res. Grand Champion Colored fleece in the back of the Subaru. I'll get you more pics & post on our adventures to my blog soon.

Have a great day! Talk to you soon.

-the redhead-