Saturday, October 22, 2005

Yarn, Yarn, and more Yarn

This is some soysilk that I spun for Ana for NonoKitty as a test-spin. The top mini-skein is what I spun and plied on a lollipop drop spindle and it's unwashed. Very fluffy compared to the bottom skein.

The bottom skein was spun and plied on an Ashford Traveller using double drive at a 10:1 ratio. It was washed. Note the differences in the depth of the purples and greens in the samples after washing. The green washed out quite a bit and the purple seemed to get a bit deeper. Washing also added sheen, but reduced fluffiness.

This is the first pookascarf. I had some Coopworth singles that I hadn't yet set and just double-stranded them with some Target $1 fluffy eyelash yarn. (65 yds, which made a perfect toddler length scarf on sz 13 needles).

So, I decided that this stuff was so cute and soft (though unwieldy, because it hadn't been set), that I plied up 130 yds of the grey Target $1 yarn with the remainder of my Coopworth singles. It's lovely and soft and fluffy. I just hope it stays that way after washing.

It's for a friend of mine's little boy. She just learned to knit and a garter stitch scarf in yummy fluffiness should be much more pleasing than the non-project I have her practicing on right now.

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