Thursday, October 20, 2005

Humpty Dumpty

So this is the messy living room in which I fell trying to jump over the baby fence to get to DD, who was trying to operate the spinning wheel by herself. Yes, those are unfolded clean diapers on the couch. The big green recliner is my knitting chair. The blue rocker is DH's "work from home" desk.

Update on projects:

2 Christmas stockings done and felted
1 Christmas stocking almost done
2 pookapants done
1 pookapants 1/2way done
Blue-faced Leicester on the spinning wheel

1 pooka scarf 1/2way done - this is 1 strand of Target pastel fluffyball and 1 strand overspun coopworth roving. It's ubersoft and pretty, but I'll ply the 2 strands together nexttime to get rid of the worms in the coopworth.

To go:

3 Christmas stockings
1 babypants
1lb Alpaca to spin

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