Friday, June 01, 2007

Yarn Stash?

You think my problem is a yarn or a fiber stash?

Not quite. We have a coffemaker stash. No kidding. The eighth one arrived today. We have 3 French presses: 1 glass bodum single-serve, 1 glass bodum 8-cup, and 1 ceramic Van Gogh 8-cup. We have 3 pods: 1 Melitta (free with pod club), 1 Senseo (free with coffeemaker pimping), and 1 Gourmet Coffee Cafe' ($5 with 72 free pods -- I have NO IDEA how Mr. Robincat scored that deal; I'm afraid.). Finally, we have 2 drip pots: 1 Gevalia (free with coffee trial) and 1 Cuisinart Brew & Grind (we actually paid money for this one, but it was 50% off at Kohl's). The REASON we paid for the Brew & Grind is because Mr. Robincat just got authorization to be a telecommuter which came with an "equip your office" stipend. He decided that we needed to start buying coffee beans in bulk due to his coffee needs and therefore needed a brew & grind since our little dinky electric grinder was getting sad sounding. The newest one is the Gourmet Coffee Cafe'. It makes great coffee so far ... we'll see how long it lasts. We've already had the Melitta people replace the One:One TWICE because we wore out the pressure seal and it started leaking. No problems with the Senseo yet, though, and it's had a LOT of use.

I'm trying to get a picture of the coffeepots all together on the kitchen table from the "inside" camera, but that may have to wait til tomorrow.

Also, the playscape is almost done--only have the roof to put on and mulch to spread underneath.... picture is on the cellphone, which is also misbehaving.


It's from Dragon Fibers' pink and pewter BFL roving. Yes, it is laceweight, about 20wpi, and super duper lofty and scrumptious. I want to eat it. But I need to sell it.... 'cause I need to buy a new wheel so I can spin even MORE!!! (Shameless yarn pimping, I know.)

BUT, HIE THEE to Dragon Fibers. Her stuff is yummy. Your wheel will begin chattering her shop's name. I promise.


emma said...

Oh my gosh that yarn is beautiful! Who would have thought my little bundle of roving could turn into something so pretty.

OLPP said...

I am going to invite myself over to your house, and barge my way into your kitchen wherein I shall test-drive every single coffeepot you have. I love coffee almost as much as I love knitting! Coffee and knitting!!!!