Saturday, August 25, 2007

What I Lack of Protestant Work-Ethic

I make up for with an Irish temper.

I made the mistake Friday of whining to a friend about my playscape's lack of a roof. Bad move. I got repeat advice from the beginning of summer. "Pay someone $200 to put it together and quit worrying about it." Well... I'm a bit stubborn. And a bit pissed at myself for whinging on about it. Just a little. And I forgot just how much of a thrill I get from heights.

So, Mr. Robincat agreed to watch the kids today after he finished a project of his, and I got a little crazy on the roofing. It was a LOT of fun. About as much legal fun as a married woman can have. I told him this, and he doesn't believe me. I really do love working outside, and especially heights. What could be more fun than roofing?

playfort 001

playfort 005

Some of you may notice that there's a couple of boards missing on the eastern side. Well... It started raining a little and I didn't want to bring out the big metal ladder in the rain. Mr. Robincat has promised to help me finish those out and install the roof runners (just 2 boards) tomorrow before knitting.

Now for Q and A:

Q: What do you mean, you didn't want to bring out the ladder. Of course you were using a ladder to do all that roofing, right?

A: Actually, I was standing on a pair of 1x4s laid across the width of the railing boards (except when I was sitting on the monkey bars). Mr. Robincat thought I was crazy and refused to watch.

Edited to add: Apparently, I blew out my knee (not a rarity for me) as I was coming down the ladder for the last time. ;) At least it was after I finished!


Ceci said...

Woo hoo! That's looking fabulous, girl. You da man! I'm a fan of your daredevil tactics, by the way. That's how I roll, too. Will and Ana both roll and/or cover their eyes. Hope your knee gets better soon.

Sarah said...

Wow, if I didn't want my own playscape when you started your project, I do now! Roofing sounds like my kind of fun! :)

Tucker said...

Kick-ass! It looks so awesome. Perrin would be all over that thing in a heartbeat. Hope you guys are having a good summer down there. I hear it's not as ungodly hot as usual. Love ya, babe. Email me sometime. I'd love to hear from you.

Mathochist said...

It looks great! That is cool that you are so do-it-yourselfy. I had to have my parents beg (and maybe pay??) my little brother to come build us one. Sorry we didn't get to see y'all on the trip down, it was crazy and jam packed. Maybe next time?