Thursday, September 06, 2007

Goodies In, Goodies Out

First up are the incoming goodies. My bestest SP ever sent me a big box of goodies. Half a pound each of white and black churro roving. Yay!!!! I have yet to decide whether it wants to be a zebra 2-ply or spun separately into 3-ply and have a colorwork party. I'm leaning towards the colorwork. Also in the box, in the baggie, is some buffalo down. A little hairy and veggie, but very interesting. Be forewarned though -- do not dehair your buffalo down inside your carpeted house. The guard hairs are auburn, short, and curly, and they get everywhere. Mr. Robincat said I looked like I was involved in illicit activities when I came in the house covered in guard hairs yesterday. Yikes!

Teleknitter Churro

Goodies out are the annual socks for my dad and brother's birthdays. Dad's are the peacock blue ones in Cascade 220 Superwash. Jason is (gasp!!) allergic to wool and gets the brown ones, done in Lion Brand Cotton-Ease. They were both knit on US 6 dpns.

Birthday Socks


Mary, Mary... said...

OMG, Robin, Richard looks just like you! I love old B&W family pix. Quick work on those socks, i mean really fast. As for the buffalo, shall I make you an oilcloth apron? (heh-heh-heh)

Sarah said...

Glad you like the fluff! Good to know about the dehairing! I have yet to attempt this...