Sunday, November 04, 2007

FOs -- Recent and Not-so-recent

Well, I just finished pattern number 3 from Elegance Knit 11. Japanese is fun! (Actually, those charts beat the pants off of anything I'd knit lace from previously.)



Yes, I know the pictures are bad, but DH had already packed the usual camera in his luggage by this point in the day. Unfortunately, his just-finished Vinnland socks were still damp and I didn't get a picture of those before he took them to Poland.

Speaking of... FINALLY some pictures of the redux of his felted jumper...



And not to be left out, the long-awaited picture of our herd of coffeepots.


And now for the list of knitted objects my husband is currently carrying in his luggage... 1 wool sweater (the cabled jumper in Patons above), 3 pairs of wool socks (Cherry Tree Hill, Die Wollemeise, and Wildfoote), 1 cashmere blend scarf (Truffles), and 2 hard hat liners (Austermann Step and KP Essential Stripe).


Renee said...

Man, I cannot believe how freakishly fast you knit, my friend. Are you going to be at Gauge this Sunday? I plan on being there.

ceci said...

Robin is my knitting goddress hero.

Robin said...

The shawl design / stitch pattern is gorgeous!!! And, OH THOSE CABLES!!!!! I love your logo on Ravelry. My shop is The Robin's Nest and I love how you did the nest on the needles. Very cool!

Robin said...

Aw shucks. *blush* The logo is actually a touched-up photo of my tattoo that my friend Ceci drew the sketch for.

I love that name for an LYS!

Stashaholic said...

Now I don't feel so bad - I have 5 coffee makers and I'm the only one in the family that drinks