Monday, November 19, 2007

Max's Staircase Tam

Child/ Adult Small

Materials: Malabrigo Yarn Merino Worsted (Shocking Pink) 1 skein
1 set US #8 dpns or 16" US #8 circular needle.
Tapestry Needle
6 stitch markers

Gauge: 20 stitches over 4"/10cm


Cast on 84 stitches with a stretchy cast-on.
Join, place marker, and work 4 rounds in stockinette stitch.
Work 10 rounds (or 1.5") in 2x2 ribbing.

Increase round: *K2, M1* Repeat to end of round. (126 stitches)

Work 2" to 3.5" even in stockinette stitch, depending on desired depth of brim.

Begin crown:

*K17, K2tog, YO, K2tog, place marker* Repeat 5 more times (to end of round).

Continue in pattern as follows, until 4 stitches remain between each marker:

*K to 4 stitches before marker, K2tog, YO, K2tog, slip marker* Repeat to end of round.

When only 4 stitches remain between each marker, *K2, K2tog* 6 times.

Next round: *K1, K2tog* 6 times.

Final round: K2tog 6 times.

Run yarn through 6 loops, pull tight, and weave ends on inside of tam.


Catry said...

Max's Staircase Tam.

At my baby shower this afternoon, I get a little bag, unmarked, from Entrelac. I open it, and out comes this /very/ hat! She said that her friend Robin made it.

After looking at her store a bit, I find her blog to read up on what she's been up to, and there I see Robin's Bobbin's.

'Is this the Same Robin,' I ask as I surf on over. And lo and behold! Same hat!

Robin, the hat is so uber cute! I will definately be getting pics of Baby in this hat and I'll get them to Entrelac. I know she'll get them to you somehow. ;)

PS: My rollerderby team, the Fallout Brigade, were super happy to see this little army-esque pink barret. I think she'll head up wearing it with the crotchet'ed little roller skates she was given by Pistol Kitten. :) I almost can't wait for her to be born so I can start playing dress up with her!!!

Much Love,
Moose aka Entrelac's baby sister

Tucker said...

That is darling. I wanted to also wish you a belated birthday. Mine was fairly uneventful, other than Jason coming to visit.