Sunday, March 23, 2008

My New Sahara

AKA, I'm-not-photogenic.

The following is a public service announcement in pictorial form. Don't ever let your spouse photograph you while making fun of your bad modeling form -- especially if you have a sense of humor about such things.

First he says, "Smile and open your eyes." This is me saying, "huh?"

sahara 001

"No, OPEN your eyes..."

sahara 002

"You look like you've got a lazy eye now."

sahara 003

"Okay, now you have no eyes..."

sahara 004

"And now you just look insane..."

sahara 005

And because Mary requested the details... the pattern is Sahara by Stitch Diva (short-sleeved version), worked up in Tilli Tomas Pure & Simple in the medium size. It only took 2.5 skeins. I didn't use Rock Star or Disco Lights for the trim because, uhm, I have little children. :) I did the diamond rib pattern on the neckline and I have to say that P3togtbl is a complete pain in the rear.


Anonymous said...

This is my beloved daughter - and I have photographic proof she is quite beautiful when professionally photographed. However, these snapshots are how I like to remember her best, and is a true reflection of RobinCat Land! Happy, energetic, with a sense of the dramatic - just like her textile work.

Mary, Mary... said...

I love it and you did make me laugh! Sahara looks great--did you work the lace detail on the neck or crochet it? Really, really pretty.

Robin said...

Details are on the blog post itself now. Sorry about that!!

ElizaDay418 said...

robin, that top makes your boobs look *huge*, but you look great. :)

Ceci said...

I think it makes your boobs look GREAT. ;)