Friday, January 19, 2007

Good vs Evil

Milk, that is.

You see, the mantra of our lives right now is Toddlerette saying, "I really want some milk."

When she's in a good mood, well-rested, etc, it's so precious.... "I really, really want some milk, please Mommy," in an Orphan Annie/Oliver Twist voice.

But when she's in a bad mood, I'm just glad we've made a point not to curse in front of her. She gets this Samuel L Jackson voice going.... "I REALLY want some [f***ing] milk, [m*****f*****]!"

She doesn't actually say the words in brackets, but she probably would if she knew them. The kiddo has too much attitude for her own size.


marymac said...

Give that kid some f***ing milk, Robin!


Miss you in chat.

Ceci said...

hee hee hee! Now she can teach that one to Brent... And how grown-up and handsome does Tricky Rick look in his hat?? Fun ice pictures... did you see Brent's? They're in my gallery at meowingdog. :)