Wednesday, March 14, 2007

That's just gross.

We're sick. Toddlerette's been sick since Friday morning. Xmas Baby has been sick since Sunday afternoon. I feel sick now.

We've dubbed this virus, "Deleted Scenes From The Exorcist." I'm not kidding. You know about gross, right? Well, this is about 2 miles past gross on the yuck highway.

And DH has to leave for Ireland on Saturday. oh. yay.

Fortunately, Toddlerette is feeling somewhat better and Richard is feeling MUCH better.

In fact, when he was eating his goldfish crackers yesterday, I observed that he was "Happier than a goat on Goat Day." Now, I've never heard of Goat Day, and I'm not completely sure how thrilled a goat would BE on Goat Day.

The things that come out of my mouth when I'm tired.... Huh.

But right now, I'm feeling "like a flea on dip day." FYI, that's not a good feeling.

(and on a side note, I MISS MY COFFEESHOP IN THE MORNINGS!!!!)


ZantiMissKnit said...

Oh, yuck. I hope everyone feels better soon! At least you have the knitty coffeeshop!

Renee said...

Hope all of you feel better sooner rather then later. Hope to see you tomorrow. Renee

Ceci said...

So sorry ya'll are still sick-o. :( If there's anything we can ring-and-run ya, or if you want a visit when all are uncontagious, lemme know!