Thursday, March 29, 2007

What the Hell?

My newish HP camera was sitting up on the computer desk, minding its own business.
I picked it up to take a picture of my son's mohawk (Mom, don't ask) and the LCD screen is BROKEN. What the hell? So I try to use my new phone and it won't send the picture! GRRRR.

Not a happy Robin. Well, actually a happy Robin, because my bestest business bud in the world just bought me THIS.

Don't know why..... but I'm pleased as punch!!! Mom, if you like the goldfinch one, I'll get it for you for Mother's Day. I assume you're still reading the blog....

Good lord. I just looked down and my freshly-shampooed, no-longer-mohawked one-year-old son has pulled my knitting out of the bag and PEEEEEEED on it Heck, at least it's baby cotton. He's now really really really mad because apparently the peeing was extremely entertaining and he can't make it happen again at will. He's tumbling over and over and grunting REALLY LOUD trying to figure out how it works. It's enough to almost make me pee myself. But seriously.
Oh, and I plied 560 yds of yarn today. On one bobbin. It's somewhere between laceweight and fingering. Should be up on etsy tomorrow. It's currently drying. Look for "Nantahala Twilight." You know you want it.

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