Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Mediterranean Lace Disaster

You'd think that I'd used up all of my bad knitting mojo with that felted jumper, now wouldn't you? Alas, that is not the case.

I have another disaster. I've been working on the Mediterranean Lace shawl on and off for a year for my mother.

I borrowed a friend's Gathering of Lace for the pattern and happily used the printed yarn requirements to order 1800yds of mini-coned zephyr, thinking I would have more than enough.

(The edition I was using called for 8 (200yd) skeins of Jamieson & Smith laceweight.)

Here's the kicker. After turning the corner on the first large segment, I started hitting lots of chart errors, so looked up the errata. I had noticed that I was going through yarn quickly, but thought that maybe that first section was just much larger than the "wings." Oh my. In the errata, I found out that the actual yarn requirements were FOUR TIMES what I had ordered.

(Actual yarn needed is 16 (360yd) skeins of Jamieson & Smith cobweb-weight.)

Gah. It's been a year, so no way am I going to try to match dye lots now.

There is no way I can salvage the original piece without tearing my hair out (I really don't want to turn it into a big rose-trellis triangle). So, instead, I need to figure out something I can knit with 1200-1800 yds of white zephyr without driving myself crazy. My mom likes the stole-shaped stuff the most, so I'm looking heavily at a madeira-based Japanese pattern.

Sorry for the novel, I just needed to unload a bit. Maybe another cup of tea will make the pain go away a little.....


Renee said...

I feel your pain. . .really, I do. I will miss you and your not so little ones. So will Sophia. Come see us in Dallas.

Ceci said...

Awww, Robin... that really sucks. :( I hear Ana will do the frogging for you. She's a good friend... Hope to see you again soon! Love you!

Mary, Mary... said...

Just think of yourself as the Penelope of Pflugerville.;)

Robin said...

It's actually a relief to see it frogged. I can move on now.

Mary, I like the Penelope reference. ;)