Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sarah's Pinwheel and My New Shawl

Flower Shawl

When everything goes pear-shaped, what should you do??? Cast on a new shawl for yourself, of course!! I started this one week ago today and I'm almost halfway through the repeats. It's the Flower Shawl from Elegance Knit 11 (Japanese knitting mag) and I'm working it up in Jaggerspun Maine Line 2/8, color Emerald, from the biggest yarn cake ever. Ana is a glutton for punishment so she wound my pound cones into gigantic yarn cakes. They're scary.

Sarah's new cardigan

Sarah's new cardigan

Also up are finished pictures of Sarah's new Pinwheel Sweater. These are FUN to do, especially in my own handspun. Gotta love that stuff. :)

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