Wednesday, July 12, 2006

As the Stash Grows....

My stash is growing. It has almost filled its pathetic little bookshelf!

First up is stuff from France via Mary,Mary.

The gold is Anny Blatt Kanpur.... as in, kanpurrrrrrrrrrrrr.... pure silk.

The burgundy is Bouton D'Or Merinosoie and it's MINE, ALL MINE!!!!!

Next up is a trade I did for some editions of ReadyMade (thanks Brady and Sunny!). Lots of sock yarn and 3 skeins of laceweight (1 of the skeins of Shimmer is already on the needles). Clockwise from center left:

Shimmer, Flower Garden
Alpaca Cloud, Iris
Sock Garden, Hydrangea
Sock Garden, Stargazer Lily
Sock Garden, Geranium
Sock Memories, Grandma
Sock Landscape, Rocky Mountain Dusk

Brady and Sunny get first pick for Christmas socks.