Friday, July 07, 2006

I can't complain...

about my husband.

You see, last year we BOTH forgot our third anniversary. By "forgot" I mean we fought like Kilkenny cats and then remembered 2 days later.

But this year, the man remembered.... and OH, he remembered....

He got us [highly sought after] alcove reservations at the European Bistro, my favorite restaurant (Eastern European). Bear in mind that reserving the alcove involves a surcharge (I didn't ask) that gets the recipient an "occasion banner" on the table, use of the antique table, chairs, gold-plated tableware, a bouquet of roses, and a bottle of Torley (Hungarian sparkling wine -- it's good!).

We had fun. I had the Samosas, Beet Salad, Czech Pork Roast, and Black Forest Torte. As you can tell in the picture, that was the first time I had been drunkish in 3 years. Don't worry, the baby was on formula that night -- cause I can't pump and Anni serves a loooooong meal.

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Anonymous said...

happy anniversary! by the way i'm obsessed with how entrelac looks but am not yet brave enough to try it. beautiful!-misty