Friday, July 07, 2006

Hulk Hand

There is a certain realization that one comes to after so many years.

Bruce Banner was not affected by radiation.

He dyed wool.

That's AFTER I washed it.

How do I know this, you ask? Well, you see, Richard is growing into his big sister's wool soakers and they happen to be an orangey-shade of variegated pink (otherwise known as "strawberry-mango" in the kool-aid world). So, I decided that overdyeing them green would be a success. It was. It successfully dyed my hand a brilliant shade of Incredible Hulk green. "YOU WEREN'T WEARING GLOVES????" you ask? No, I was not wearing gloves and I will never wear gloves with kool-aid or food dye (which this was -- McCormick's to be exact) because I am latex allergic and too cheap to pay the premium for non-latex gloves just for non-toxic dyeing.

By the way, the shorts are beautiful, but no pictures yet. They're still HOT in the microwave.


Ceci said...

heeheeheeheehee! hahahahaha!!! hoohoohoohooo! ahhhhh. Thanks, I needed that. ;)

Rain said...

Mwahahaha! Lemon juice should help shift it, or you could just keep the comedy green hand for a few days.