Monday, April 30, 2007

Big Box O' Happy (aka Pimping my Vendors)

I got a big box of happy today. I really needed it, too, since I had a massive migraine. And with regards to migraines, I have a tip. Whatever you do, NEVER, EVER take a sip of Dr Pepper and follow it with a packet of Goody's "cool orange" headache powder. First of all, "cool orange" is marketing verbage for sickly sweet reenactment of mixing toothpaste and oj. Secondly, carbonated soft drink plus powdered medicine in the mouth-throat junction equals enormous amounts of foaming nastiness. Yup, Goody's minty-fresh-oj-aspirin-dr-pepper foam all up the sinuses and foaming OUT MY NOSE. I just wish Mr. Robincat had the presence of mind to take a picture. He knew there wasn't much he could do to help the situation, so he just wrangled the kids while I made the situation worse by trying to wash the nastiness down with EVEN MORE DR PEPPER. Smooth move, Sherlock. This just made more foam.

But let me tell you.... the migraine is GONE! I guess I absorbed all the aspirin/acetaminophen/caffeine through the blood vessels in my sinus cavity, cause I never did feel it go down my throat.

Anyway, on to the big box of happy. It came in the mail today, along with another packet of roving from . Oh. I haven't shown you pictures of my other packets of roving? You'll have to wait til tomorrow. Too much has gone on today for me to be taking more pictures right now. Big box of happy is from the absolute best kept secret in Ashford vendors, Running Moon Farm. Their website is . They raise Gulf Coast Native sheep, which I swear must have the most luscious, sprongy wool in the known world and they sell hand-dyed spinning batts from these lovely sheepies. They also have (wait for it....) hand-turned orifice hooks -- with sett gauges in the handles. They are beautiful. Yeah, it looks good in the picture, but it is SWEET in the hand... soooo smooth and perfectly balanced. And really. I emailed Margrett at RMF on Thursday about getting a custom orifice hook and Ashford hi-speed kit and they are here TODAY. They turned it for me Thursday night before milking. (Actually, they did 3, so I could pick from a variety... how cool are they???) She takes paypal, too.

On a completely different note, this is the progress we've made on "The Park" so far. It's been raining almost every weekend since we bought it (and it's raining today). I would say that we spent forever levelling it, but either we got really lucky or really blessed with the levelling. We put some mulch on the weed barrier to get ready to level it, moved it 1 foot towards the mulch just to get it out from under the tree. I put the level on it to see how much work we had ahead of us, and IT WAS MIRACULOUSLY LEVEL. In all 3 dimensions. How cool is that?


Renee said...

Sorry we missed you Sunday. Mary was there with a spiffed up Rose for you to try again. Also, I got my lovely, lovely bamboo from Zen String which I will show you next Sunday.

Very, very cool spinning stuff. Can't wait to see what you spin up next.

The levelness of your project simply astounds. Way to go, missy.

Sarah said...

Fiber happy boxes are the best.

Cool Park/playground, what lucky kidlets!