Monday, April 02, 2007

We LOVE our kids

I mean, we REALLY LOVE our kids.

We bought them a park. No. Seriously. We did. With this year's bonus. Because apparently, they have stolen our brains and we don't actually need a new fridge or the deck refinished or any of those "REAL" needs. Not like they need a park, anyway. Well, they actually do.

They're getting THIS . It will be coming in VERY BIG boxes from Costco in a delivery truck. The delivery man will dump the boxes in our driveway. Assembly is up to us (meaning James wants to do it even though I could probably do it better -- 'cause I READ instructions).

I'm scared. Very scared. I WANT MY MOMMY!!!!! (just because she's the absolute world's best handywoman.... seriously)

I have no idea when this thing is getting here or how ridiculous we'll look trying to assemble it in the back yard, but stay tuned for updates on "assembling a park."

Sheesh. We love these kiddos. (And don't worry, Mom. We're still going to wash and seal the deck and get a new fridge. ;) )


Helen said...

robin, that looks sooooo cool! and i agree, women are better at building things because we read the directions! sheesh. men.

Subhuman Superwoman said...

That looks awesome. They will have tons of fun on that thing this summer. Good luck with the assembly.

Anonymous said...

its the assembly thats going to cause a fight like kit set finuture I suggest hire someone to put together