Monday, April 16, 2007

Playground Progress

Just in case anyone is googling away to find out how to put this thing together (like we did), this is the "Costco Sunray 2007 Playground." RUN, do not walk, to Find Scott's instructions, read them THOROUGHLY, and put it together his way. Some of the manufacturer's instructions, although correct, actually make assembly more difficult.

And they said it couldn't be done.

This is the progress we made over the weekend. That includes buying a pneumatic wrench, corded drill, weed barrier, and a case of Dublin Dr Pepper for fuel. (That's not an alcoholic drink, y'all. It's the GOOD Dr Pepper.) In case you're wondering, all those boards were numbered by yours truly.... I stole the kids' sidewalk chalk for the job, though.

Not a fight yet in sight. However, we did manage to clarify the definitions of both "plumb" and "square." Ask away, but we'll never tell.

We also have a frickin' huge pile of mulch in our front yard for the play surface. Like the entire contents of a dump truck. Pflugerville is so cool like that. It was FREE. Now we just need to buy a new wheelbarrow......
BTW, power tools are FUN!!!

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