Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Consoling Myself with Yarn

So, wouldn't you know it, the lid of my teapot broke this morning. Apparently, the teapot doesn't like the new cosy.

I hope my even older teapot fits into the cosy. Where my blue one was fat and short, the older one is white, tall, and skinny. We'll see when I get it washed. It's been on a shelf over the stove for years.. urgh.

Anyway, I needed to console myself and there was a post on Knittyboard that The Loopy Ewe had Wollmeise in stock. I went to go see and they had a beautiful green and blue colorway, Wellensittichvogelfeder, which is German for "budgie feather." Perfect for some sockems for Mr. Robincat. I spent $30 that I probably shouldn't have, but I feel better... and that's what really counts.

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