Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Gotta Love That Sliver

Sliver. It's pronounced with a long "i". It rocks my world.

See.... half a pound of sliver (more or less.... well, less actually.)

Sliver in it's "tube" form.

Sliver becoming merino handspun.

And finally, the handspun on the bobbin.

Lastly, I am now afraid of my toddler's ability to use electronic gadgets... such as a playaway digital "book on tape." Scary, huh?

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Christopher Celeste said...

Hi Robin:

A friend passed along this absolutely darling picture of your daughter holding one of our Playaway books. It's hanging on my office wall, but as a father of three I feel bad that I don't know your daughter's name. Care to share?

Also, if you send me your address, I"ll send you a Playaway with some Pooh stories on it for her.

Christopher Celeste
Founder & President
Findaway World, makers of Playaway