Monday, July 23, 2007

The Jamie Jumper is DONE!

Jamie Jumper

Jamie Jumper

Jamie Jumper

This is a sweater I've been working on since last November for Mr. Robincat. He's very picky when it comes to clothing, so he got a custom designed aran where he got to pick out the yarn, cables, shoulder-shaping, collar, etc. The yarn is Patons Merino Classic in Natural Marl. It's 48", so that should tell you how much I love my husband.

It's been a royal pain in the ass, but the jumper is finished! I did the little dragon heads this morning. It's still wet and I know the pictures leave much to be desired, but I wasn't waiting for it to dry.

If you want the pattern, you're going to be out of luck. Sorry, but we did a quite a bit of "try it on and knit a little" the whole way through. Also, the center panel is straight out of an Elsebeth Lavold book and I'm not sure how much trouble I'd get in if I published that chart.

The underarm gussets are out of Knitting Ganseys, by Beth Brown-Reinsel, and the shoulder-shaping is hybrid raglan, a la Elizabeth Zimmerman. The 1x1 rib polo collar is of my own devising. Not sure how well it's going to work until he wears it a bit, so I might end up ripping it out and inserting a crew neck (or just grafting it together in the center and sewing it down on the inside).

I'm perfectly aware that the proportions look way wonky, but I swear, it actually does fit him like a glove. Maybe I should start designing for the big & tall men's crowd.....


Batty said...

Pain in the ass it may be, but it's simply gorgeous. Very impressive cable work, and I just love merino. Isn't it the softest? He'll be so warm!

Aitara said...

Absolutely gorgeous!