Saturday, July 21, 2007

My Fingers Are Confused

I'm currently working on a 3-fiber cabled 3-ply yarn and my fingers are starting to get confused. The first two singles (z) are done and plied together into a semi-spiraled Blue-Faced Leicester and silk combo (s). Now, I'm working on the third single (s). I'll be plying this single (Falklands) with the aforementioned combo.

Yes, I know there are other ways of making a 3-ply yarn. I've done Navajo. I've done strict 3-ply. I'm not looking for an alternate solution. I'm aiming for the yarn that I'm making. I'm just saying that my fingers are very, very confused with their first attempt at making an s-twist single. We're managing it, but it does get a little odd when I have to untwist a slub.

Fortunately, though, my feet are stupid little sheep and just do as they're told. :)

Since it stopped raining for a few moments, here's some pictures of what I have so far....

Ladybird Preview

Ladybird Preview

Ladybird Preview

The Rio (purple) Falklands is from Pippi Knee Socks, the Bluebell (indigo) Tussah Silk is from Franquemont Fibers, and the Blue Topaz BFL is from The Fiber Denn.

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