Thursday, July 26, 2007

I felted it.

Yes, the Jamie Jumper.

Yes, I'm still crying.

After initial blocking, it was about a foot too long for Mr. Robincat. So, I thought.. hrm... front load washer + handwash cycle = success. I forgot one factor.

Patons Merino felts like a motherf*cker. (Sorry, G'mamom, there was really no other word for this.)

I'll post pics after I quit beating my head against the wall and finish stretching it out to Mrs. Robincat size.

I need chocolate... or valium... or a stiff drink... or a good... nevermind. I need a frackin' time machine.

Okay.. I'm ready to do some "after" pictures. I think it's salvageable, but I may have to cut off the sleeves and call it a vest. I'm having trouble with the left arm, but everything else is actually stretching to his size (and not shrinking back when I turn my head). Of course, the cabling is much subdued now, but he kinda likes that look.

nordicjumper 029

nordicjumper 028

nordicjumper 030


carla said...

Oh, NO! Hopefully when you get over the initial rage you can still make something nice out of it. It was a beautiful sweater.

Elizabeth said...

Oh a knitters worse nightmare. I really feel for you right now. It's still beautiful and hopefully is salvagable!

john said...

Oh, whatever. just tell people you meant to do it. it's a design feature. i kinda like the way it looks.